P. besseae 'Smokin' x 'Colossal'

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
The ONE I have from the OZ batch I got last year that the spike blasted on upon arrival. So, first bloom for me.

It's a pretty cool bloom. Almost 8cm. NS. Very red. This was the best photo I was able to take tonight. The white fuzz is a feather I removed after this photo, but the other pics were not as good. I will try for another better photo in the future....

Whoah, that's pretty cool! Big fat petals on that one. I'm assuming that the blunt ends are just reflexed petals...

That photo is cool too. The backlight makes it look more orange than it probably is, but it also gives it a really cool halo effect. Nice.

- Matt
Yeah, the petals are reflexed. Quite a bit more than my other besseaes.

I have not great lighting. I took a bunch of photos today in good bright sun, and they were all blurry, so I resorted to taking this under the MH light. Right against the wall to minimize the back lighting. Never works quite as I hope it will. :(

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