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Lance Birk

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Jul 29, 2006
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Here's something that I am sure will interest many posters to this forum. It will also answer the question some of you had regarding my whereabouts for the past year and a half. Lance Birk

Orchids Forever


"The Huntington has more than 12,000 orchids, and with this post we begin a new blog series on a range of topics related to the collection—from the conservation of plants to the orchid shows we attend. In the coming weeks and months we will also be discussing the various species that are in bloom and hope to teach you something about growing your own orchids."

Brandon Tam
Orchid Specialist
The Huntington Library,
Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108

Since the entire collection of S. Robert Weltz was received in May of 2010 we have repotted and revitalized it to the point where we will soon be initiating small tours through the greenhouse containing the bulk of our orchid collections. These orchids, primarily Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis and Cattleya hybrids are some of the best examples of their type obtainable.

In other greenhouses we are preparing to host small tours to show off our large and very diverse collections of orchid species, as well as collections of some of the most unusual, little known or rarely seen plants of numerous different countries. These tours will be initiated in the coming months and will be hosted by myself, Lance Birk and Dylan Hannon, Curator of the Conservatory and Tropical Collections.

.... Stay Tuned!
Many years ago, before I got into orchids, my husband and I visited the Huntington Library. While he did some research in the Library, I wandered the gardens -- they were just beautiful!. I'm pleased they also have an excellent orchid collection. Congratulations, Lance, on being a part of that institution.
Hi Lance

Hi Lance ,was it as long ago as 2003----2004 when you visited Queensland and called in on your way to a T.A.P.S.meeting,
It was just before the release of your second manual.I remember a discussion on Digital cameras and a very pleasant afternoon with you.
Good luck with whatever you are doing at the moment.
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Hi Jim

It was 2004 and I remember my visit with you quite well. My daughter soon got a new Nikon digital camera just like yours, took it to Africa on her honeymoon and brought back some amazing photos. I'm staying with a D50 and some P&S panasonics, too. Finally off film cameras. As I drop by here on occassion I do see your posts but usually in too much of a hurry to comment. Good on ya, mate.

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