Orchid Show 2008: Storybook Classics

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Jun 7, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
I just got back from members’ preview of the orchid show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens—that and fish and chips night (plus black and tans) at O’Connell’s around the corner from said gardens! It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re at all in the area. It runs tomorrow through March 16th. I’ve been excited this year and last to go in the evening because I’m a fan of night-fragrant plants, and I've not been (too) disappointed. Stealing the show in that respect were a bunch of enormous angraecoids (all the usual suspects), a bunch of beautiful Rhy. glauca, and one you’d walk right past in the dark if you weren’t familiar: Epi. conopseum—its flowers are the antithesis of “floof”, but their scent is out of this world. Of course, if you’re into enormous and very well-grown cattleyas, complex paphs and big dens, you’ll be in heaven. I’ll have to take another look next weekend, but I didn’t see a single parvi or brachy… I hope I missed them in the subdued lighting and that they will be there to greet me next time!


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