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Orchid Loft divisions, a message from James Weigner

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Mr Weigner emailed me the following, and asked that I pass it along to anyone who might be able to help, so....



My name is Jim Weigner, of the same "Weigner" as Paph. Eva Weigner.
Charles Weigner, who originated the cross, was my cousin, and Eva was
his mother, my Aunt. Both are now deceased. I became fascinated by
orchids when I stayed at his place (The Orchid Loft) while he was on
collecting trips in the 1970's. In recent years I have been keeping
orchids myself, and have been searching for plants that are divisions
of my cousin's original registered crosses or crosses with his 'orchid
loft' clonal. Last year I was finally able to obtain two divisions of
Paph. Eva Weigner that were direct divisions from his original cross.
My question to you is do you have any plants in your collection that
originated from the Orchid Loft? If so, I would be very interested in
obtaining specimens. If you know of anyone who might have such plants

I would appreciate you forwarding this information. I am attaching a
letter I wrote in 2003 when I first began this search, feel free to
forward this to whomever you think might help. I am also thinking of
trying the Eva Weigner cross myself, so my next question is what do
you have available in Paph. stonei and Paph. Haynaldianum? I am also
trying to locate a specimen of the orchid that he started that was
registered after his death, Cat. Memoria Charles Weigner. I may have
sent you this a few years ago, sorry if I am repeating myself, as I
loose track sometimes who I contacted. Thanks for any assistance,

James Weigner

> > [email protected]
A large number of the Orchid Loft plants are in our collection, and we have spoken with Mr. Weigner in the past. Paph. Eva Weigner 'Orchid Loft' AMor HCC?/AOS is among them. Unfortunately, Mr. Weigner seemed to be under the impression that a plant like this should cost what a common African Violet should. I seriously doubt he will find another division of this plant, it was in poor shape when it came to us 12 - 14 years ago and I do not believe from memory we have ever sold any divisions. The Tower Grove clone is not quite as nice im my opinion, but we still like it and have a couple of divisions here, including one Lynn just bought from Marilyn a month or so ago, sorry Heather. Maybe Marilyn has another, Lynn will probably have a division or two when she reopens the web store
I just realized that I didn't post the letter he attached, so here it is. Same thing, though...


To Whom It May Concern:
I could use some assistance and perhaps you can help me. My cousin, Charles Weigner, was an orchid collector/dealer/breeder in the 1960's through the early 1980's, operating the Orchid Loft in Perkasie, PA (USA). Unfortunately he died at the age of 50 in 1985 and his extensive collection was dispersed. During the early 1970's while in High School, there were several times I stayed at his greenhouses during the summer, tending the orchids when he was away on collecting trips. I became fascinated by the variety and beauty of orchids but was not in a position to keep them for myself. In the last few years, however, I have begun keeping a variety of specimens on an amateur level. By accident the other day while searching the Internet, I discovered that my cousin had registered a Paphiopedilum hybrid in 1980, named after his mother (my aunt), who is now also deceased. The orchid is Paphiopedilum Eva Weigner, and I have seen references in some web sites to this orchid with his clonal name of 'Orchid Loft'. I have also come to discover that he registered another orchid, Pink Coral 'Orchid Loft', and had a memorial orchid named after him that he originated prior to his death but was registered after his death by John Sherwood. The orchid is: Cattleya Memoria Charles Weigner. In an effort to preserve some legacy of the orchids my cousin was so devoted to, and as sort of a family heritage, I would like to try to obtain some orchid specimens that are genetic descendents of orchids he registered, bred or originated. I have also found references to several orchids with the clonal name 'Orchid Loft', which I assume are descendents of orchids he propagated in his collection. I am writing to you in the hopes that you may be able to help me obtain plants from the three species registered or originated by him as well as any 'orchid loft' clonal varieties. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I spoke to some family members and they were surprised to find he named and registered an orchid with a family name and that an orchid was named in memory of him. I am very interested in obtaining specimens of orchids he registered and/or bred that may still be available today, as well as the orchid named in his memory. Thank you very much for your assistance,

James Weigner

[email protected]