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I got my order today. Spent the day repotting into s/h. All the plants look nice and healthy. I'll definately order again from him.
I pre-ordered some Paphs now which Sam will be bringing to a show in UK in June :clap:
I spoke to Sam earlier this week. He's going to be at a show in Chicago (I think he said) and then on to DFW for the AOS Trustees meeting. I'm afraid he watered the plants I ordered from him before we talked so now I have to wait until after he gets back from Texas.


However, I can't wait to get them. I've only ever heard the absolute
best things about him and OrchidInn, so I'm sure I can't go wrong.
Plus he seems to be a very nice man.


Well, I ordered my first sanderianum and these 3 crosses
Paph. Greyi 'Ray' x sanderianum 'Long Ribbon'
Paph. philippinense var. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x dianthum var. album 'Albino Beauty'
Paph. Macabre 'Night Magic' x adductum 'Huge Dark Cap'