Oerstedella centradenia

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in wet lower montane evergreen to semi-deciduous forests from elevations of 1200 to 1500 meters in full to partial sun it is long bloomer. This one is just a seedling that was part of a Christmas gift from a forum friend.

thsi is a delicate flower, but, I am afraid, also a rather delicate plant to grow?? Jean

Not at all, Oerstedella are very easy to grow. When I had many ( now I kept only some for my own interest...) they grew in peat moss with perlite, very quickly and strongly. Thgey are many species and hybrids that are really showy. When they start to bloom, I found out that they bloom year round. They are quite "related" to the reed-stem epidendrum...
I had one plant several years ago, nicely blooming with 3 flower stalks, but after bloom it did not survive more than 1 year! I should give it another try then !! Jean

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