Oberonia japonica

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Apr 7, 2012
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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
I just got this in buds a couple weeks ago from Andy's Orchids. This is my first Oberonia. Wow, the flowers are tiny. I just wanted to see how close I can get with my m.Zuiko 30mm/2.8 macro (which has the higher magnification than most macro lens). I had to use a 16mm extension tube, and the in-camera focus stacking might have become a little weird (I need to play around with the settings). With the heavy cropping (the top two photos), I can get fairly enlarged photos.

I wonder what kinds of pollinators these small flowers are good for.

Oberonia japonica on Flickr

Oberonia japonica on Flickr

This is slightly less than the maximum magnification with 16mm extension. No crop.

Oberonia japonica, on Flickr

Oberonia japonica on Flickr
Great photos and gorgeous flowers, The foliage is quite succulent. Do they come from a dry environment?

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