Not a lot of slippers, but...

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Jun 10, 2006
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Germantown, Marlyand (D.C. suburbs)
I just got back into the hobby after about 5 years of everchanging living arrangements. in a short time ive finally gotten up to 12 plants, only two of which are slippers, but hey - im workin on it :D

Dendrobium nugentii
NOID Vanda
Encyclia tampensis var. alba
Epidendrum (encyclia) Memoria Young c. lott 'newberry'
Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Papa's dream' AM/AOS x Mendenhall FCC/AOS (in spike)
Maxilaria variabilis dark
Psygmorchis pusilla
NOID caniferous dend.
NOID Odontoglossum (in spike)

And of course the slippers

Paph. Maudiae 'Los Osos' x Cyberspace 'Netscape'

NOID Phrag - I believe it to either be a Bel Croute or Grande - it was at a local nursery on sale out of bloom, and unlabeled, but they had a few of these varieties, and i dont imagine it would be something else. 2 big growths on it, with one about 7 inch tall new growth that im looking forward to blooming. I'm crazy about long petals :evil: (hence my unhealthy obsession with sanderianum 'jacob's ladder' - i actually lose sleep...)
Wogga said:
(hence my unhealthy obsession with sanderianum 'jacob's ladder' - i actually lose sleep...)

I'm sure you'll be adding you list. ;)

Sanderianum's my favorite! It's pictures of that plant that got me hooked. Hopefully, I'll be able to own and grow one soon enough. :)
Nice list, and don't worry about the slippers, they seem to multiply on their own

Maxilaria variabilis is lovely, I'd love to see pics of yours when it blooms
I went on a bender today...

I went to the private section of the smithsonian institute's orchid collection, and got, if my count is correct, 29 new plants. i just spent about 4 hours organizing, mounting, potting, etc. im in sheer bliss:D

Den. Moschatum
Den. Rainbow Dance
Den. loddigesii
Den pierardii x 3
Den. falconerii
Den. fimbriatum (dwarf)
Den. parishii

Bulb. sp. NOID
Bulb. pardellatum

Lockhartis sp. NOID

Nageliella purpurea

Neobenthamia gracillis

Oerstedella centradenia x 2

Platystele stenostachya

Pleurothallis costaricensis
Pleurothallis nascutta
Pleurothallis tripterantha

Scaphyglottis sp. 1
Scaphyglottis sp. 2
Scaphyglottis sp. 3
Scaphyglottis sp. 4 x 3

Sobralia decora

Thunia lockhartia

Zootrophion hirtzii

I got over 200 high res photos, so in a few days ill be able to link y'all to a website where ive got them all resized and posted. WHAT A TRIP!!!!
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