Norito Hasegawa passed away

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Thank you for posting this. We lost touch many years ago when he retired, but I encountered him many times in my early orchid growing days and remember him with the greatest fondness.

Norito was an incredible hybridizer, one of the truly great growers and also the embodiment of a great AOS Judge- always there and ready to go, immaculately dressed in coat and tie.

For all his great qualities as an orchid lover, they paled in comparison to the man himself. He had the wisdom and high standards to appreciate and seek excellence- but I do not recall ever hearing him make a disparaging remark about anyone or anything. He had an infectious smile- and when he was in the room you just naturally wanted to be around him.

Goodness is what I would call it- he had a true and deep goodness about him that is most rare. It gave him a commanding presence that went almost unnoticed because he was so very engaging and approachable.

RIP Norito.
Lisa Hasegawa Norito's Daughter here! Thanks for remembering my dad. I really appreciate learning about all his accomplishments over the years and all the lives that he touched. You can find me on fb if you want to stay in touch. He loved his orchid family!!