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Feb 11, 2008
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New Hampshire
Ok, this is a new one to me, although it may be an old one I know but manifesting oddly. Yesterday I had to throw out 2 Milts., each with 3 spikes, because of something with them. When I arrived, they were covered in light water brown spots. I mean covered. They looked like small pox, although not inset or raised on the leave, all over ever single leaf. There must have been over 50 spots per leaf. I wish I had taken a picture, but was too concerend to keep the plants around.

Is this a nasty brown spot infection, or something different? They appeared in less than 24 hours, and my Milt at home is just fine. UGH a lot of $$$$ down the drain. the rest of the Milts got sprayed immediatly with Phyton27, hope that works.
i have very little experience with bacterial or fungal diseases but it sounds like one or the other (sorry, not terribly helpful).
i may be wrong but for some reason i think the watery spots may be bacterial.
Sorry for your loss, I wish you would have taken a picture.
Maybe you acted too quickly? Any chance for quarantine first?
Yeah, it sucks to lose them right when they are in spike. The two I tossed had severe infection, and I just felt that there was no help for them. The other three remaining plants showed symptoms today on a smaller scale, so I'm going to move them and treat them with Phyton27. Hopefully I can rehab them.

I'll take pics tommorow, unless it's cleared up.
What environment are the plants growing in?
Had you applied any chemicals or fertilizer?
Is it possible the temperature got cold?

I think Lance is right.
It may be a result of temperature, or chemical reaction somehow.
Leaves of miltonia are extremely sentive to these thing.
Perhaps the application on the remaining ones make the matter worse.
The temperature goes from 60 at night to 68, although due to a lot of sune, temps have been higher than normal. I'll pics today.

Oh, and yes, I have been giving my plants weekly ferts. 7-7-7 Dyna-gro.
Yeah, I'm with Lance. If it was really quick, I'd guess temp dropped or they got a cool draft. I visited Minneapolis last year in march and ony one plant got damaged. In the am it had smallish leaky brown spots. By late afternoon, it was very widespread. I decided to keep the plant (a Paph. lieminaum). Eventually, the end 2/3 of the leaves dried up BUT the plant is now in bloom. Pretty decent one too. A new growth has started and the browning hasn't progressed. Chemical burn could potentially have a similar manifestation.


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