New slipper species: Cypripedium bouffordianum

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So exciting!:drool: All I got to say is now I got another one I got to track down! Wish the picture was better but it looks awesome from what I can tell. Would be interesting to see when it will be available for purchase from just being discovered.
Geez Zach, it was published in Nov. 2006, and you're just NOW telling us? Talk about old news....


At first, it struck me as just a form of guttatum lacking anthocyanins. However, the .pdf mentions that the pouch has colorful spots. This one looks pretty neat, I think.

Thanx Zach, for bringing this to our attention!

As I read it, the mention of a colourful pouch is in the general description of the section where this new species falls in. In the table, the authors list the pouch as pure white. I wonder if guttatum occurs in the suroundings of the new spec... And how many plants have been found apart from the type ;)

Cheers, Carsten