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I got a lot of flasks from Dave over the years, bloomed them, and:

- They bloomed true to the parentage
- I did not have any 'runts' on any of the crosses. Top quality down to really nice things, very constant quality.

Ruby Paradise giant.jpg
I've been trying to both contact you on your contact form and get on your mailing list, but it seems there is a problem with your site.
Do you ship to europe?
There is NO NEW FLASK LIST at this time. I will get the old one taken down as soon as I have a minute, but I have been on the road then fighting a bug for the last week. Just slept most of last week!

No new flasks are expected until fall.

Will you have flasks of phragmipedium Besseae var flavum? Or do you know anyone that will or even plants for sale of this phragmipedium? Many thanks for the help.
@lleongolfpro have you tried Bill Goldner at Woodstream Orchids? If not
I recommend emailing him about Phrag besseae.
I bought to small plants and one did not make it. Very small root system. The last 2 he had from the flask last year. He guaranteed me that they would be yellow. I want to get a back for the plant I have now that is also small but seems to be doing well. Thank you for the message.