New babies (Paph. tigrinum)

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INOIQ Hobby? So it is Rhizophagus irregularis. I doubt that this is beneficial for Paphiopedilum. But I wish you good luck!

INOQ Top, but it's the same species. Oh well, I hope it's not detrimental at least.

I am not sure about new seedlings but I agree mature P. tigrinum like to dry out slightly between watering. Also, based on my experience with this species, even a small amount of water trapped in the flower sheath will cause bud blast, so be careful with watering and make sure it dries out quickly.

When I say treat as epiphytes, I mean when you think they probably need water, hold off for one or 2 more days. They seem to go off their roots if kept moist all the time.

OK, thank you, I will keep that in mind. I let my mature tigrinum dry out between waterings, I will do the same for these seedlings. Not completely but I'll let them dry out a little.

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