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There are several features that I've been playing around with in my 3D projects; this example has two of them.

1. Little arrows in the corner that let you rotate frame by frame if you don't want to just drag or let it spin.

2. A zoom section; you'll see a blue box appear when the bloom is just about facing forward. If you click on it, it will provide a zoomed in photo of that area.

This is just a test; there are still some bugs to be worked out, but I thought that before I start mess around with them anymore, I'd see what the rest of you think. I'm not sure that I like having a box appear... but I might like it better if it were a different color or something, I don't know...

Let me know what you think, any feedback would be appreciated!

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
I love the zoom feature! and the little buttons on the bottom left make going from picture to ppicture easily especially if you have unsteady hands
TADD said:
Awesome I love the auto spin! The zoom rocks also ...don't listen to Heather....
That girl could spoil an O-gasm! :poke:
I like it very much. When you zoom in you notice things that you didn't see before.
Heather, what do you think about the color of the box? You think it would help if I changed it to something more subdued? I agree about having more vertical levels... I'd like to do it, I just haven't found a practical way to actually do it yet. I'm still working on it though.

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it... I'll take that into consideration.

- Matt
OK, I've changed the color of the zoom box to just plain grey... what do you think? Better, worse? Neither?

I could also put a "Play" button on the thing to start it spinning, but you can already click anywhere on the image to make it do that, so I think it would just clutter up the photo.

- Matt
I didn't see when it was blue, but the grey works fine. I see the grey only for an instant, so I don't know why that would be a problem. When it first appears (the box), it's just an outline -- you probably can't keep it at that, though, right?

Why, when I zoom back out, is everything red for an instant?

I don't think you need a "Play" button.

Cool, Matt.
For me, it's always just a 1 pixel thick outline... are you saying that you get a filled in rectangle?

I might be able to play with the opacity... not sure how I'd do it at the moment, but it should be possible.

I have no idea why everything is red for an instand when you zoom back out, does that happen for other people? Again, it doesn't happen for me... I'll check it in a different browser.

- Matt
hmm... my website seems to be having some problems at the moment. Guess I'd better check with the server admin.

- Matt
That's weird. I was just there, and it was working fine...

The box was just an outline when it first appeared, and became gray for just an instant when I clicked to zoom in.

The red was also just for an instant, hardly long enough to see the color, a dark red, when I clicked to zoom back out.
Ahh yes, I see what you mean now! I'm still not sure why it does that, but I'll see if I can figure it out :)

- Matt
Amazing! Did you required a special camera? What would you need to do the same with a PK?
Just fly me down to Peru and I'll do it all for you :D

No special camera needed, just a tripod, a turn-table, and some experience with Flash.

- Matt
Great, I like it ... you've got this tool really sorted. If you're looking for a further challenge (not at all sure it is practical) ... but ... how cool would it be if the flower opened up from bud over several rotations ? ... lots of memory required I guess not possible.

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