Neo - s/h to traditional (Warning - Image Heavy)

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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
This is a benisuzume that was in s/h for about 3 months. I gave it a shot. Here's how it went.

1) beni in its s/h pot

2) the supplies - unpotted neo, traditional plastic neo pot, label, sphag already moistened and lined up, coconut husk fiber (not shown), bamboo skewer to check moisture inside sphag (not shown) and serving tray with grape designs on it cause its so manly

3) beni going through a pyhsan bath

4) the coconut husk lined up like the sphag

5) the beni after being wrapped with coconut husk

6) the sphag

7) the beni after being wrapped in sphag, I also lined the bottom of the pot with sphag and arranged it so none plop through the hole in the bottom

8) the final product(s) neo. benisuzume on the left and neo setsuzan on the right
the physan bath is just a little ritual i do everytime i do a repot. I don't know if you can use coconut fiber either. But I figure it would give it a bit of extra air yet keep it moist at the same time. Instead of just have a cavity in the mound.
Marco, they look great! What size pots are those, 2.5 or 3 inch? I was thinking about getting one to mount mine, but I don't know what size to get.
Heather - yeah I just repotted the standard white i have with the roots all over the place and it wasn't as easy as the benisuzume.

Duke - They're in 2.5" pots. Bad thing is I only had 2 of them. I need some more. I ordered some 3" pots from Jason recently but he didnt have any of the 2.5" ones listed. Hopefully, I can get some at the PA.
Yea I saw them. But you'd be paying about 25% more. I believe Jason will be bringing some to PA so i'm going to go take a risk. Otherwise I'll probably get them from that vendor.
I will bring some to PA.... or were we going to ship you some? Who is selling them on ebay? I've never seen anybody carry these before.
I'm new to neo's - what's the reason for the big mound above the pot - saves on repotting? doesn't dry out as fast?
Got it! Thanks! I'm trying my first one. After seeing Ron's post of the monster neo mount - I'm tempted!

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