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Jun 7, 2006
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... is for bill gates to get a new aggressive strand of herpes.
I hate microsoft with a passion equivalent to the worlds hatred for hitler. I go to reinstall his crappy OS on the computer I sold (since it always ran linux) and it says the registration number has expired and I gotta either buy a new one or go through some series of call centers to get another one. Either way, i gotta bend over and let ole billy have his way with me. grrrrrrr. All for an operating system that is the equivalent of a bank safe made of cardboard. man I hate him.....
If there were any doubt in the past as to whether companies had contempt for their customers, MS makes SURE to let us know that they think we are all criminals.

At least Adobe allows users to deactivate the license on one computer so it can be moved and transferred to another without having to make the inconvenient and humiliating phone call to an activation center half way around the world where someone very difficult to understand interrogates you until they are satisfied that you deserve to reinstall the software you paid to use.

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