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Hi All,

I've been extremely busy this fall converting a building into a new orchid growing area. I had outgrown my current 8' x 20' sunroom and had to come up with a better solution. I could barely move without knocking a plant off a shelf :mad: .

Here is a link to a slideshow of my new 'orchid house' :) . I plan to have lots of fun this Fall and Winter as I move Paphs, Phals, Phrags, etc., into their 'new' home :D .
I'm very jeolous. My room is a converted bedroom and
I am growing from the window and some plug in grow
lights. on 4 3 1/2 x 2 ft shelves.
Heather said:
Wow! Jim, you HAVE been busy, haven't you!?

So, you commondeered the whole house for the orchids? Are your living quarters nearby? It looks great! How many total MH lights do you have? Do you prefer those to HPS?

Cool slideshow - very exciting!!!

Thanks Heather and All,

This is my 'real' house that I live in, about 150 feet from the orchid house (it was a canary aviary in a previous life :) ). The orchid 'shed' has about 410 square feet of floor space. I am using 4, 400 watt Hydrofarm MH 'Sunburst' fixtures with Agrosun bulbs. I purchased them because the ballast is in the fixture and not a seperate unit. (I did not want additional electrical cords running to ballasts on the floor or wall.) I am using fans, mounted on top of each fixture, to dissapate the heat and heat the building this winter. I have a vented propane furnace that kicks on at night when the indoor temps drop below 58 degrees F. I am also using a number of the Hydrofarm Compact Florescent lighting fixtures that handle either a 125 watt or 150 watt bulb. In addition, I have 18, 48" HO florescent tubes for some additional light that throw a CRI of 92. So, I think I have the UV's and most of the light spectrum covered. I do prefer the MH to the HPS bulbs. From what I've researched, the new Agrosun bulbs are as good as a combination MH/HPS set-up.

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