My mexipedium, just got it!

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Aug 29, 2006
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I've finally got my first mexipedium xerophyticum 'Windy Hill' :smitten: It has one but healthy and almost BS growth. Photos will be later. :)
Congrats on your new purchase! I wanted one.

yes zephyrus in canada sells for $80 and they are 2 years from blooming...too expensive for me... and when I first started my slipper collection another vendor thats not on the web anymore had some I think $50....Cloud's needs to go get some cuz I might afford one from him
Congrats on your purchase! My little plant is just starting to grow a new leaf or something from the center of the fan... looking forward to seeing your photos! Barbara
toddybear said:
I don't even think about Zephyrus as most of their plants are SOOOO expensive.

I agree they over charge on everything and service isn't perfect. They had a paph maudiae sale for $10 so I bought 6 of them. They never answered my order in a timely way and it was delayed untill it snowed! Then they charged $10 handling fee, way overcharged. and to add on they gave me a damn huge box and charged $40 on shipping (if they answered my order earlier before freezing there would be no need for a huge box). And then there was tax. And then they had mealy bugs! Never again am I going to Zephyrus. ...basically the plants were not $10 but rather $20 in the end and I had no choice on the cross! I budgeted $15 per plant

But 2 of them are in high bud now :) so yay paph maudiae time

Cloud's is the best! Best prices in Canada. Packed well for only $5 (I can tell they spend a lot of time packing). Answers emails the next day (except weedends) and ships ASAP in as of a small box as possible. Shipping cost are cheaper too , maybe they have cheaper business membership postal costs. Sizes the plants accurately. No mealy bugs and no tax on my orders for some reason (not sure if its true for everyone).
they do have a grow list ;) and its in their collection! but not in the catalogue...they're nice so maybe i will ask for a growth in shipping season. I'm always looking for space saving orchids
I hope mine will grow like weed too and soon we will know the difference between Oaxaca and Windy Hills. ;)