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Mrs. Paph

Does anyone have any comments on growing Paphs (and a couple Phrags) under lights in the College Station TX area? I'm moving there to attend grad school at A&M (plant breeding:drool: ) so of course my plants and flasks are coming with! It's DRY in ND (45% RH in my apartment on a good day w/ 2 humidifiers running). Most of my plants are in CHC, with some not yet switched after buying them in bark, but I'm trying a couple in semi-hydroponics as well. I'm hoping once I get the hang of how fast things dry out in the higher humidity that I should see an improvement in growth, but if anyone has made a similar move and has helpful tips that'd be great :)
~Miss Paph.
You'll be using more air conditioning so you'll have to keep those humidifiers going in Texas. However, you'll probably only need one depending on the size of your room.

Otherwise you're probably going to be just fine based on your experiences in ND. Congrats on Grad school!
My plants and I made it to TX! :clap: Only one complete loss (it was a division that fell off w/o roots though) and one blasted bud, but that one has 3 other growths busting out of the base as well, so I shouldn't have to wait long to see that one bloom again! I have 4 times more growing space with my new light stand now...who wants to guess where my next paycheck...s...are going after I've recovered from the cost of moving?:rollhappy:I may just have to update my wanted list!

PS: It is HUMID outside, but b/c of the A/C I still need to run my humidifier here almost as much as ND so far! My Homedepot/Lowe's/Target Phal.s have gone crazy (roots and leaves have grown over an inch) outside in the shade, heat and humidity on my balcony in only a week though!

~Miss Paph
There is an eBay vendor orchidtn that suprizingly is in Tx. you shouldn't have any problems growing there unless you're in the heat blast area!
Hi Miss Paph!

I saw you are going to grad school and get a degree in Plant Breeding! It is nice to see a fellow Plant Breeder who is interested in orchids.

I got my Masters in Plant Breeding at the Agriculture University in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and my PhD in Plant Breeding here in Minnesota. What will your field of Plant Breeding be? (Agriculture or Horticulture?). In the Netherlands I first went into Tropical Agriculture (I know "everything" about coconuts, bananas, tea etc) and then I decided to go into ornamental Horticulture. When I came here to Minnesota I also was into ornamental Horticulture (my PhD thesis was on breeding for drought tolerance in New Guinea Impatiens). When I finished my degree, just by chance I found a job here at Orchids Limited, so I was able to combine my passion of orchids with my career of Plant breeding (I do most of the hybridizing here, and am in charge of the lab work). Thus far I have named over 100 new orchid hybrids!

I wish you good luck (and fun) with getting your degree at A&M in Texas!

Yeah...I want your job Dr.Orchid! :rollhappy:A little jealous, not gonna lie. :) I jokingly tell people that my goal after grad school is to win the lottery and start breeding orchids! (the only joking part about that is the part about winning the lottery, since I don't gamble - but I do plan to get into breeding eventually, even if I still need to have a day job too!) I'm in Hort - ornamental mostly since I'll have a project in rose genetics, but there's peaches in the lab I'm in as well, so I wouldn't mind absorbing a little fruit breeding knowledge on the side too!
Miss Paph

Congratulation. What an interesting field to study. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on how its goes for you.