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Jun 7, 2006
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In attempting to figure out the 7 sections of Pfitzer's 1886 review of the orchids, I've run into some problems. Problem #1: I don't speak German. I've done my best, but there are a few things I can't figure out:

I. Der unterstandige Fruchtknoten
II. Die labioskopen Axenausbreitungen
III. Das Mesopetalum und die Beziehungen desfelben zu benachbarten Staminodien
IV. Die paarigen Petalen
V. Die Sepalen
VI. Die Betheiligung der Axe an der Bildung der Saule
VII. Die Gestaltung der Saule und die auf derselben befindlichen Hochblatter

My best guesses:
I. The Inferior Ovary
II. (no idea)
III. The Labellum (Middle-Petal) and the relationship of the same to the adjoining staminode
IV. The Lateral Petals
V. The Sepals
VI. (very little of an idea)
VII. The form of the column and the _ on the same

These are the sections in:
Pfitzer, E. Morphologische studien über die orchideenblüthe. Heidelberg: C. Winter's universitätsbuchhandlung; 1886.

If anyone could fill in the gaps and check my translations, I would really appreciate it. Also, if anyone would like a pdf of the book, just let me know (missing page 103 until I get back to the library that has it).

Pfitzers text

Pfitzers writing is not exactly living German, and as a non-botanist I have difficulties with some of his terms. I'm afraid they are not used in modern Botany German.
For some basics, there is an online dictionary here:

Your translation of I), III), IV) and V) is fine.

II) is the hardest. What is labioskopic? Facing the lip, maybe? I'm also not sure about Pfitzers Axen. That could be either an axis like in a car (stem axis? Today we write Achse), or the axial bundles. Ausbreitungen maybe broadenings or spread.

VI) The involvement/ participation of the "Axe"in the formation / generation of the column

VII) the formation (configuration, layout, design, shape) of the column and the bracts on the same.

hope that helps a little bit.

Best wishes, Carsten

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