May blooms in Queens

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Eric Muehlbauer

Here are some more of my flowers...Trillium grandiflorum photographed badly, and T. erectum was too small, so I'm not bothering...but here goes with some others: This is an Arum...possibly creticum. There might be a fly in the smells like doggy doo.......really old, damp doggy doo....the kind that gets tracked in on your shoe and you don't notice it for a while, but once you do you just can't get the smell out of your node... A deciduous azalea, Rhododendron luteum....unbelievably fragrant...the dec azaleas have to be my all time favorite flower fragrance. Another deciduous azalea, R. fragrance on this... Good old Jack'in the Pulpet, Arisaema oldest clump, close to 20 years old....blooms every year without fail. Hope these came out well! Take care, Eric

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