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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
I'll post a list of the plants that I grow because I need to take inventory anyway.

Thanks Zach for the motivation :poke:

Paphiopedilum - Species
-philippinense alba [gore orchid conservatory] sdlg
-primulinum alba [gore orchid conservatory] bs
-rothschildianum ('trinity' AM/RHS x 'sabah') [ratcliff] sdlg
-stonei [gore orchid conservatory] nbs/bs

Paphiopedilum - Hybrids
-ken ichi takayo (roebelinii 'red spider' x supardii 'red') [orchid inn] sdlg
-angel hair (st. swithin 'jeanie' AM/AOS x sanderianum 'wonderland') [orchid inn] sdlg
-michael koopowitz (roebelinii 'red spider' x sanderianum 'red spider') [orchid inn] sdlg
-PEOY (sanderianum 'wesley' x rothschildianum 'gigantic' FCC/AOS) [orchid inn] sdlg
-PEOY (rothschildianum 'chester hills' AM/AOS x sanderianum 'dark beauty') [gore orchid conservatory] sdlg
-st swithin (philippinense x rothschildianum) [peach state] sdlg
-st swithin (philippinense x rothschildianum) [oakhill] sdlg
-michael koopowitz (philippinense x sanderianum) [peach state] bs
-(michael koopowitz x adductum) [peach state] bs
-angel hair (st. swithin x sanderianum) [peach state] bs
-iantha stage (sukhakulii x rothschildianum 'tenny's' AM/AOS) [ratcliff] bs
-(philippinense x hirsutissimum var. furling) [ratcliff] bs
-temptation (philippinense 'calico' AM/AOS x kolopakingii 'klehm's') [ratcliff] bs
-vera pellechia (st. swithin 'conquest' x stonei 'cheriton') [ratcliff] bs
-eva weigner (stonei x haynaldianum) [gore orchid conservatory] nbs/bs
-eva weigner (stonei x haynaldianum) [heather]
-gloria naugle (rothschildianum x micranthum) [oakhill] sdlg
-armeni white [jane] bs

Paphiopedilum - Misc.
-3x unifloran no-ids (hicks nursery + HD)

Phragmipedium - Hybrid (the lone soldier)
-sunset glow (Eric Young x Mem. Dick Clements) [gore orchid conservatory] sdlg

Phalaenopsis - Species
-2x violacea [chesterfield]
-2x violacea var. corulea [oakhill] sdlg
-2x violacea alba [my phals] super teeny seedlings
-3x javanica [oakhill + my phals]

Phalaenopsis - Hybrids
-penang girl [chesterfield]
-i-hsin gold coin [chesterfield]
-ever spring prince 'black butterfly' [chesterfield]
-ever spring prince 'black eagle' [dragon argo]
-sogo-lit angel [dragon argo]
-valentinii var. alba [oakhill]
-(timothy christopher x javanica) [john]
-2x no-id [hicks nursery + HD]

The oddballs
-neofinetia falcata var. syutenno [john]
-neofinetia falcata var. normal [oakhill]
-bllra tahoma glacier [hicks nursery]
-angreacum scottianum [oakhill]
-dend spectabile [orchid society auction]
-2x catt hybrids [hicks nursery]
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Super collection, Marco!

I love your multifloral group! Look forward to seeing the Vera Pellechia!



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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
I'm an idiot I forgot my favorite phal species. I love the fragrance. The one that came from Matt smelt great. I hope the one from oakhill is just the same.

2x phal schilleriana [gore orchid conservatory + oakhill] bs

I'm crossing my fingers hoping that one of my multi-florals. A good majority of the blooming size plants started shooting off new starts :) . Hopefully they'll show flowering activity sometime soon.

Peter - I can't wait either. I got hooked on your Paph. Jack Ung-You Chun (Try saying that 3 times in under 3 seconds lol) And the Vera was the closest I was able to find :)

Dot - I would love more phrags but I grow warm. I would love to try the compact phrag species but I don't think that they'll be too happy with me. And I would hate to keep lugging home gallons of distilled water from the supermarket :poke: I'm such a lazy bum.:eek:


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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Nice collection Marco...nice choice on multiflorals!! I wish I still had mt Phal javanica. I sold it a few years ago because I couldn't get it to bloom for me. The person who purchased it went to repot it and found a spike down in the medium :sob:


Ron, that is hilarious! I love the javanica - got a couple of seedlings, one from Al's in Leesburg (or maybe both are from him... don't recall). They are big enough to bloom so I have to move them out of the pot. :rollhappy:

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