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looking for some more diversity

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Bob Wellenstein

Hey folks, Lynn is looking for more genetic diversity with some Paphs, some common, some not so common. If you have divisions you may be interested in selling or trading here is a list to start:

Paph. ciliolare
Paph. argus
Paph venustum - colored forms
Paph. hennessianum
Paph dayanum
Paph. sangii
Paph fowliei (yes Paph. fowliei) - normal and album
Paph. bougainvilleanum
Paph. violascens
Paph superbiens -
Paph curtisii - --- on these two not the hybrid released by OZ
Paph. wentworthianum
Paph. papuanum

Please email Lynn at [email protected]

Looks like you have a hankerin' for some of that south pacific tough stuff.

I only have a handfull of them and they are still only 1-3 growths each (and not dividable yet).:eek: