Listera australis 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS

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Jun 7, 2006
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Richmond, VA
Ok, so I'm not telling the truth about the award...

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you all the FIRST native orchid shots of the year. This guy is a full month early. Last yeard, I photographed this species on April 22. I'm pretty sure this is Virginia's smallest native orchid. The leaf in the background should be a good size reference. It's a real treat to see these. They pop up, flower, go to seed, and then go dormant again all within the span of a few weeks.



I love the little red pants.
That's cool! Zach, did you notice that the lip looks like the legs of a person wearing red pants?
Cool little guy. I'm amazed that you managed to find such a tiny little guy. I'm also surprised that when you found it, you didn't notice that it's lip looks like a guy wearing red pants.

- Matt
I've got to be honest here... I knew the location of these plants ahead of time. I occasionally work with a husband and wife that rescue native plants from construction sites. Once every few months I'll help them plant rescued stuff into refuges. Anyway, these few plants are some that she rescued years ago and told me the location of. However, last year, I actually did find a population of these on my own. I was stalking the rare and elusive Cypripedium acaule f. album at the time.

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