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Light Meter

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Looks as if the Quantum Meters are most assuredly the best however they aren't all that affordable. All I am interested in would be a basic light meter to help me determine what kind of light I have over here to grow what kinds of orchids and where to grow them but it would be nice to have a meter that would also help me determine when to replace bulbs. I use all types of bulbs over here from metal halides to cool white fluorescents.

I searched the internet and placed an order for this light meter which was just a little bit more than what I had wanted to spend-

I didn't receive the light meter but received an e-mail that said they were temporarily out of stock. Now I see that the meter has been discontinued.

I've found two more that look like possibilities-
The LX-1108-NIST Lux / Footcandle Meter from this site-
http://www.dasdistribution.com/prod...ter&OVKEY=light meter plant&OVMTC=standard#LM

and the Extech EasyView Light Meter
from this site-

Does anyone use light meters? If so, which brand do you use and do you like it?
I found 22 threads out there when using the words light + meter. Most dealt with lighting requirements for specific plants while others dealt with lighting choices as opposed to features on light meters.

I think in order to get the most out of a light meter, I've got to buy one that has settings for Tungsten/Daylight, Fluorescent, Sodium, and Mercury. If I'm going to drop money on a meter, I might as well be able to use it to check all of my bulbs too. Once you want that feature, there are way too many meters out there in a wide price range. It gets to the point that it's overwhelming just picking out a lousy light meter. Thanks for steering me to that thread. I think they're using their light meters differently than how I'd like to use one I buy.
Thanks for the info. I just bought this one. So far it's all greek to me so I need to play with it to see if I can figure how to read it. I don't understand the readings.

I hope I didn't make a mistake buying it.

DT-1308 Lux/Ft-cd Drop Proof Rugged Light Meter with Backlight and Bargraph Display
• Lux Range: 40.00 / 400.0 / 4000 / 40.00kLux / 200.0kLux
• Ft-cd Range: 40.00 / 100.0 / 4000 / 30.00kFc
• Relative Mode Indicates Change in Light Levels
• Peak Mode Captures Highest Reading
• Utilizes Precision Photo Diode and Color Correction Filter
• High Accuracy of ±(5% reading + 0.5%FS)
• Min/Max and Data Hold
• Backlight for Readings in Low Light Levels
• Large LCD Display with Analog Bar graph
• Includes Deluxe Padded Zipper Carrying Case, Rugged Rubber Boot Skin Protector and Battery
• Their Price: $149.00

Special Price
Buy 1 at $109.80 ea.

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