Kocide instead of Phyton?

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Yes. Copper sprays are suspended particles in solution. Particle size is important. http://www.scaffolds.entomology.cornell.edu/2012/SCAFFOLDS 3-12-12.pdf
I read another article but cant find it now; same consclusions.
Apples and oranges...

Note that those products discussed are intended to lodge in the bark of orchard trees or sit on the leaf surfaces, so they have little to no effect on the tree but kill fungi landing on them. Absolutely not what is done for systemic orchid treatments.
I see no one answered your question. Did you find anyone with actual experience? I have been alternating with kocide with phyton27 but it is probably overkill. I am also trying to find what works best ( yellow leaf spot in my case). I only started with both. Soon I will do a trial test eoth each separately.

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