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Karl Ploberger (hangianum x bellatulum) in bloom

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Chicago Chad

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Apr 23, 2013
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In bloom as of today with about a 12cm flower. I can measure it if someone would like. the petal waviness does change from day to day, perhaps based on the humidity but I was told hangianum can do that in crosses regardless. It has some slight teething on this bloom. I am selling it because I ordered hangianum x godefroyae but indeed it is not. It was hand picked by Alexej Popow. He hates plant tags :D and prefers things like (#1 of 30)

2 PB growths, 1 growth in flower and at least one new start
US buyers only please

$60.00 plus the shipping price through a carrier of your choice. I will split the cost of shipping with the buyer after it is determined.

(once again, I am loading pictures by their #s only, since I cannot preview them. If you get something indecent on accident, my apologies... or your welcome, and nonetheless, I will edit them.




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