It's hitting 90 degrees F outside, can any paphs or phragts handle it?

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I brought my paphs inside, though I have a phrag or two still outside. I notice that in generally my paphs benefit from a summer on the balcony, so long as the heat isn't excessive. I was just wondering which paphs and phrags could handle a few 90 degree days, and which really couldn't - obviously species and primary crosses, to keep the list down to a few.
I certainly hope so, my greenhouse hits 95+ on a semi-regular basis in the summer. I have no supplemental cooling, just the vents.

Phrags (especially besseae or hybrids) get a little ratty looking, but you get used to it. Multifloral paphs seem to thrive in the heat. The rest of the plants seem not to care too much, as long as I keep up on the watering. Besides, it always gets cooler at night (below 70F anyway).
Paph species from lower elevations should be able to withstand 90 degree heat as that is their normal range. Just make sure your balcony's microclimate isn't higher due to the concentrating of the heat.
in January this year... we had two consecutive days of 104 fahrenheit (40 celsius).. apart from flowers wilting... there were no plant casualties....

I did do the whole damping the floor down and there was a lot of air movement...
I freaked out too. In a frantic panic I also emailed Paul a super long from Ratcliff asking about this and many other questions and he said "Your temperature range is OK too. We do go as high as 95F here in Florida but I would not do it for choice. In England we range between 75F and 60F. If you can get cooler nights, down to 70/72F for example, the plants will be able to photosynthesize better." (Thanks Paul and Mary!)

My temp range before I sent out the email averaged daytime highs of 82f-85f with night time lows from 77f-79f. I've opened all my windows and run fans 24/7 and now my night time lows average around 65-70.

Ah and they shipped my order yesterday so I should be getting it very soon. I'm so happy. :D
Heather said:
I think, again, the air movement is key. As long as that is adequate, the plants should be happy. I freaked out the other day myself.

Heather is so right! Air movement is a major ingredient in keeping the paphs healthy!
All paphs can handle a few days in the 90's, although you can expect to lose buds....the problem comes when there is prolonged 90+ weather...they can get pretty stressed. I avoid fertilizer during heat waves....the main risk is to the buds...I take it for granted that most buds that form in the heat of summer will not make it. Air movement is essential...95 degrees indoors is definitely bad....95 outdoors is not a problem. Oh...and definitely avoid repotting during heat it only when necessary. Probably the biggest danger to paphs in the heat of summer is the need to water them frequently, which of course adds to the risk of rot, especially with bark...bad bark can virtually turn to mush in hot summers. I routinely add a little Physan or RD-20 to my watering during the summer. Take care, Eric