Interesteing lectures about Paphiopedilum at the WOC

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Dear Slipperfriends,
the WOC is going on.
Tomorrow, on thursday at 16.30 PM Harold Koopowitz will present his new book
On saturday is the great day of Paphiopedilum.
I will start at 9.00 AM with a talk about the 'First steps in hybridizing with the new vietnamese species'

At 10.00 AM Norito Hasegawa - Multifloral hybrids and at the same time
Alfredo Manrique - Phragmipedium kovachii - beyond the discovery

At 11.00 AM Hardley Cash - Complex Paphiopedilums

At 1.00 PM Harold Koopowitz - New Miniature Paphiopedilum Hybrids

I hope to see you

Best greetings

Olaf, please do some organizing to get these lectures live on the internet!!!!!!
Dear Faan,
it will be difficult. I know only about the first talk because I am the speaker and I have the pictures.
I will show all the newer species of Vietnam in their variations and near all new hybrids of vietnamense and hangianum.
Some of the pictures I have showed here in the forum before but there are many new.

Best greetings

Just pulling your leg about the live lectures. The technology is available I think, but could still be too expensive. Thanks.
How can they do that!? At the same time? Horrors!

Don't even get me started. AND the first Paph lecture was canceled today. The up side was HP Norton was giving a lecture at the same time, which was funny and interesting. He talked about his reds and blue violacea breeding.
Dear Scooby,
which canceled lecture do you mean? When it was the lecture of Holger Perner, he canceled it some weeks ago!

Hope you will be there tomorrow.

Best greetings

Wonderful lecture Olaf! I should have said hello, I tried once but someone got to you first...should have tried again.

But at any rate, I enjoyed your talk very much. Interesting to see things we can't have here. I can't wait to see populations of some of the crosses you showed to get some idea of what a grouping looks like. It was great of you to show the good and not-so-good progeny of the crosses, it does give you a better understanding of what the parents are contributing.

Great pictures, great talk, great time! Thank you for making the trek across the big pond!

(I had no idea the Holger Perner lecture was canceled...)
Many thanks for the friendlz words about my lecture.
Holger Perner could not come and I think he had told it 3 weeks ago.

Best greetings


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