I'm designing a display and I need to bring...

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a mini coolor with some ice. A flask of Johnny Walker or your preferred beverage and just scour for a cup laying around somewhere.
I can't believe I almost forgot...


This is a GREAT thread. I want to start it up again.

If you have done one or plan to do a show display in the future, what do you plan to bring with you, besides plants, to put the display together?

I'm finally building my kit, to be test run at the Mass OS show in October, in order to be really on spot for the New Hampshire show in February.

I have a lot of good things I can donate already but now I have a much larger list of things to start working to acquire. If anyone knows of a good driftwood source, please let me know! :)
Plastic pots of all sizes
Duct Tape
More Duct Tape
Gorilla Tape (for when duct tape just isn't doing it or it needs to be black)
Floral wire and tape
LOTS of black cloth, all sizes
hair pins/straight pins
crates/collapsable crates/boxes
drift wood
tillandsias/bromeliads/ferns/foliage plants
squares of plywood to help plants sit level
wedges to help lean plants
sheet moss
spanish moss
spray bottle
paper clips
wire cutters
bark/rocks/other fillers
clear tape/double sided tape
marker (i like the silver marker on black card stock for names)
trash bags
coffee...very important
second set of eyes to tell you an outside opinion
and lastly, I won't put a display in without my Lucky Begonia...every time I've won the AOS Trophy it's been in the display


Great list Jon. I am nominating you for display set-up this Feb.

Coffee...most important!

A large plastic tackle/tool box to carry all the little stuff.

Larger plastic totes to pack all the big stuff.

What we really need. A cart with wheels to lug everything (including plants) around.
If you're doing a society display, try to find a volunteer with a Brother P-touch label maker to make the plant name tags. I use the gold letters on a black background tape and place them on a small piece of card stock. Here is an example.