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malipo nut
Jul 16, 2006
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a friend of mine has had this plant for so many years.... We both agree about what it is supposed to be but I'd be interested to have a confirmation....



If it wasn't for the short petals I'd say philippinense. They start short when they first open, but the flower behind it also looks to have short petals. I'm also not sure about that big notch in the bottom of the staminode. Could it have a touch of kolopakingii in it? I
I think it could be a Lebaudyanum....I have a similar plant. The haynalidianum influence shortens the petals...a good Lebaudyanum has outstretched petals...but the one I have is pendant....I'm not familiar with randsii, but doesn't it have a pouch shaped like a butt? Take care, Eric
I'm looking at a picture of P. intaniae in Birk's book that could be a dead ringer for that flower. I can't see the staminode clearly though. Actually that notch on the staminode would be typical for platyphyllum not kolopakingii.
NYEric said:
Phrag. besseae!

Yes, I agree. It is the very rare Phrag. besseae var. longipetalum, and even more rare due to a very unusual coloration. You should be able to get $100k for it, easy.

I have no idea, I would have guessed philippinense before I realized the besseae connection.
He did display some very nice Phrags.
Just to add some sense here, the thought that P.randsii is one parent can be ratified is to look at the ovary of the plant in question. Light green with maroon ribs, this is a distinctive feature of P.randsii and seems to be passed on in its progeny. Check web,
it show randsii very well.

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