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I am not ignoring anyone. I am studying Pulmonary Function Tests for my final tomorrow. Plus it takes me twenty minutes to write out three sentences on this palm. :)
Normally I'd weigh in on the PC side, but I recently set up a computer with Vista, and the thing is almost 3 times as fast as my computer, and it runs like an old 386. If you get a PC, be prepared to wipe the hard-drive and install XP (not as easy as you might think) or do some serious optimization on Vista.

I tried a few Macs while I was computer shopping recently and I still don't like them, but Vista is even worse.

If it were me, I'd go to some place like zipzoomfly.com and build a nice desktop computer, and install XP on it instead of Vista. Or buy a 1 year old PC notebook that isn't a piece of sh**... it will be cheap and will have XP on it :)

- Matt

I actually think Mac has the better software and interface, but because of work everything I do is on the PC. The bottom line is it all depends on what you want to do with the computer and what your future work will entail software wise. I've currently got 2 PC's at home and 2 PC notebooks running on a wired/wireless network. I've built 16 PC's for myself and friends and last month disassembled my wife's Emachines notebook for a CPU, hard drive, and memory upgrade. If you want to chat about options, give me a call on my cell phone # I sent via PM. Plus, I can salvage your data from your hard drive for free...you just have to drive down to Tucson (wink).

orchids, computers, and F-16's...what a great life!!! ;)
At this point, I could easily make the switch to a Mac and not miss any software. All I use is Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I could probably do without Dreamweaver if I could find a good WYSIWYG editor for Mac.

I am still mulling over my options, but I am leaning towards Mac at this point. Not jumping, just leaning. But if I go Mac, I am going to wait for the new software release before buying. It sucks to have one computer and two full time students in the same house, but not much I can do about that.
Heather said:
John, I think you'd still be able to use Dreamweaver, just from the Windows desktop on a new Mac.

But I am not sure I would want to. I haven't looked it up to see how expensive it is, but you know me and software. :)
Damn. Dreamweaver CS is $399 and the new Photoshop is $650.

And they wonder why people download software.
One other thing. All of our text documents are in Microsoft office formats. Is there an easy way to open them on Mac?

What are some cool software applications for Mac like office programs, entertainment, etc?
You might want to try Adobe GoLive for a WYSIWYG web design program. It's available for Mac and PC. That's one of the biggest problems with Mac, software availability and price.

- Matt
PHRAG said:
One other thing. All of our text documents are in Microsoft office formats. Is there an easy way to open them on Mac?

What are some cool software applications for Mac like office programs, entertainment, etc?

MS Office is available for Macs. I have it on both my laptop and my desktop.

I'm currently using Adobe GoLive, but if I upgrade to Creative Suite CS3, Dreamweaver and Photoshop are parts of that package.

You are a student, John. Most schools have stores nearby where you can purchase software at greatly reduced prices. You also might try:

As Heather said, the interface is awesome on Macs. It always puzzles me when I hear people say that don't like Macs. All I can think of is that they must like to do things the hard way.

Matt says software availability is a problem with Macs. That is a myth, unless you are looking for certain games or specialized software. And then, as Heather says, you can use Windows on your Mac.

Regarding price, I say you get what you pay for...

One of the most useful features I find indispensable is the "Drag and Drop" capability. PC's have nothing like it, at least in my experience.

Go to an Apple store, and check them out.