i love to fish!

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some recent catches





Cool! You'd get along well with my hubby...he loves to fish. He was in a fishing derby last weekend and again this coming weekend. Next weekend he is taking me to Conostogo Lake to fish yet again. It will be like this now until late November.:sob:
Heather said:
Stan - some of your poses are really amusing - you are so serious looking! :)
i am not verry photogenic:sob: but the fish look smaller than they really are when i take a photo with a fish it looks like a minnow as i am 320lbs. the first fish is actually 24"!!!
hey hey an angler! If there's one thing I like more than orchids, it's fishing! stan--what is that first fish you got up there? (don't recognize that one)

I'll throw in some pics here, the first one is a 11 pound blackfish caught on New Year's day, the second is a 10 pound striped bass jigged up last month.


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ah, that would explain why I didn't recognize it--never caught a walleye before. that looks like a trout stream in the background--was it from there?
striped bass is very good, as long as you don't get that farm-raised crap (pardon my french, I don't like the taste of farm-raised fish). when blackfish get that size, though, they're best suited for chowder, since they hold their shape well. I don't think I've ever had walleye but I hear they're very good...
Good looking fish. I can accept overnight packages packed in dry ice *hint*.

Crap isn't french, and it is allowed here. Crap Crap Crapitty Crapper. Just don't say ****, that one gets censored. So does ***** and ****. Just so you know. :D
Jason and Stan,
Either of yall fly fish? My father in law just got me into it. He's a charter fisherman and apparently helped to pioneer modern salt water fly fishing. Its hard as all get out to learn, but I love it.
Here's a 26lb Chinook salmon I pulled out of lake Michigan last year. I got 4 of them, although this was the biggest. It was sooo much fun

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I'm tellin' you, it was 45 minutes of continuous orgasm :) ... can I say orgasm ????
ooh...very nice king. I've been meaning to head up to Alaska for some world-class halibut and salmon fishing...

I briefly fly-fished for trout but I really stink at it. Not much freshwater fishing since I moved to Manhattan though.

Anyone passing through the NY area is welcome to vacuum-sealed fillets since my freezer is usually well-stocked with them.

I guess I'll have to save my cursing for morning rounds.
jason i catch walleye out of the river(genesee) and walleye is the best tasting fish. better than trout or salmon! walleye is in the same family as tilapia
Nobody's saying you can't cuss. See, look at me...

Mother ****er, **** ***** ****!

Cuss away. :)
nyorchids said:
jason i catch walleye out of the river(genesee) and walleye is the best tasting fish. better than trout or salmon! walleye is in the same family as tilapia

is that upstate NY?

come to think of it, I did catch a walleye once in the Delaware River. it was a short though. I have to say that smallmouth bass is my favorite though, for the spirited fight, and on the occasions that I kept one, they really are a fine-tasting fish too.