How not to poke your eye out (for real)

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I very nearly just poked my eye out, quite literally, bending over to inspect my plants and not paying attention to the nice long 2.5 foot thin metal rod I have supporting one of my Sharry Baby spikes. It came within an inch of my eye, I didn't even see it. I've done this before, and keep forgetting to find a way to avoid the danger. So, what I just did was, I got an empty prescription medicine bottle, and an empty mini shampoo bottle from a hotel trip, made sure they were cleaned out, and put them, upside down, on top of the metal rod. Now I can see the top of the rod, and also the top is covered so there's no way to get poked. Yeah, it's a bit ugly, but considering what I'm almost just did to myself, it's worth it.
what i do now, after an almost similar fate, was to wrap things with an orange twist-tie-type
I thought the answer was going to be avoid buying an official Red Ryder, Carbine-Action, Two-Hundred-Shot, Range Model Air Rifle.

I've come close to doing the same thing with bamboo stakes. With a metal one, you might be able to bend the end of the thing into a loop, which would be much safer and wouldn't require extra objects. :)

- Matt
kentuckiense said:
Pshhh. I always upload to Imageshack.

So you are saying that every photo you have ever posted on the forum has been one that you personally uploaded to Imageshack?

Including the photo of the man in a-s-s-less chaps and the photo of David Hasselhoff?

Nice image collection. Loser.

I use a coated wire stake that has a rubber tip. At least they do if I don't cut them in half (then I have one killer stake and one rubber stake, of course).

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