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Hi guys,

I have a good idea on how to grow most things but I'm really getting into Paphs and am finding out I still have a lot to learn.

Potting them into Coconut Coir at the moment which seems to be growing well, I even have a sheath forming. Anyway the question is that I've been potting the mix to about the base of the plant. But once the potting mix settles it exposes the top of the roots (just below the base of the plant). Where should the potting mix go to? Should it be the base of the plant? Just about the base? Or is it ok to have the top of the roots exposed? The top of the mix dries out quickly so I'm worried about moisture issues.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I tap the pot when putting the mix around the roots to see that it gets in all the spaces; then I tamp the mix w/ my fingers to compress it. If I have something w/ new roots or growths showing [obnoxious stolonous besseae hybrids for example] I put something that holds moisture in the top layer, diatomite, sphagmum and CHC mix, etc.
Thanks guys!

I've started adding some extra mix to the top today. Will keep an eye on it in future.


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