Hey guys from the USA, let's guess the election results!

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Jun 7, 2006
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Richmond, VA
You know, just for bragging rights. In addition, this isn't the thread to debate politics, so no Bush bashing or Dem smearing. This thread is JUST for predicting the outcome of the Senate, House of Reps, and governorships(is that a word?) after the November 7 election.

Try to use a format something like this (independents counted as Dems):

Senate: R(52), D(48)
House: R(210), D(225)
Governors: R(21), D(29)
(Those are my guesses)

Also, feel free to elaborate on any close races. I'll do a few:

VA senate: I think it'll go Allen. However, Virginia is a purple state in the weirdest sense. Who knows?
MO senate: I think Talent will take it. Just a feeling, I don't know. Similar reasoning as above.
MT senate: Conrad Burns is outta there.
FL senate: I really think Katherine Harris is the dark horse who will take it all come tomorrow. Ok, I'm lying about that one.

My home district, VA-6, will most definitely go Goodlatte(R).
Zach how do you know so much about political candidates all across the country? I'm ashamed to say I know very little, even about local elections, so I can't participate in your poll.
I agree w/ Z re: Talent.
Harris? :rollhappy:
MA - Patrick vs. Healy...oh yeah, you said *close* didn't you!?

I am really interested in the outcome regarding question 1 in RI....the Narragansett Casino vote.

I'm am also really hoping the hypocrytical evangelist....well....see the levels of hell thread.
I'm really interested to see whether this Haggard thing will make any difference here in Colorado. I doubt it.

I think (maybe just hope) that Paccione has a shot at beating Marilyn Musgrave. Musgrave is an evil-doer :) Whenever I write letters to her, I get form-letter responses... I hate that. Don't they have interns for that kind of thing? She's not even a senator...

Anyway, Musgrave has been a little bit ahead in the polls, but there has been such a huge advertising push this past week, and in combination with demoralization resulting from the Evangelical affair, I think Paccione has a chance.

I'm not even going to venture guesses at the congressional seat number :)

- Matt
I kind of like the idea of making light of this (it’s laugh or cry), but I'm not going to guess.

Regarding MO, Heather and Zach: There are some big things on the ballot here today that are going to have a lot of people rushing to the polls (hopefully). Stem cell research and a "big" minimum wage boost to $6.50 an hour are on the line. The people who are going to show up to support those will probably also be casting a vote for McCaskill.

CNN has been doing a decent job of giving rundowns on the pivotal races, as has BBC online.
I predict that several of the states with touchscreen balloting systems will have statisticly impossible results. Almost certainly favoring the incumbent.

Where do I collect my prize when I win?