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Aug 15, 2022
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Bay Area, CA

As a long-time lurker of orchid forums for years, I finally joined Slippertalk! I only have a phrag. besseae at the moment, but the rabbit hole of slipper orchids is as vast as it is deep. Probably didn't pick the best beginner slipper orchid, but we'll make due.

Anyone have any recommendations for phrags/paphs that would do well in a cool-intermediate (Coastal California) greenhouse? I tend to grow species, but Fritz Schomburg is very enticing... Not sure if dropping a few hundred on a couple of slippers as a beginner is the most financially sound move to make.

Welcome everyone's thoughts! Thanks! :)
Welcome to ST from KY. Phrags. are a lovely slippery slope and generally cool, moist conditions are suitable for
most Phrags. If you want a rather easy one that's generally not too expensive, I'd suggest a longifolium species
or a good hybrid of longifolium. Once settled in and happy, longifoliums bloom regularly and generally keep
producing blooms for a long time.
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! Looking forward to the ups and downs of slipper ownership.

Also - based on everyone's suggestions above, I may double down on a besseae plus a Hanne Popow. The addiction continues!

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