General lighting for phrags I have purchased

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My very first slipper that is now a few years old-

This plant started it all for me. When it blooms, I'll probably take a photo of one of the blooms and use it as an avatar. It blooms twice a year generally.
Some of the places I hang plants to keep them away from cats-




I have plants hanging in groups in many rooms. These happen to be newer cuttings that I wanted to take photos of to send to friends but I really do hang plants anywhere I can.
Some "other" plants-

The Hymenocallis (not blooming now) that goldenrose liked-

The Curcuma that is sort of past its hay day-

A white Plumeria that might actually bloom next year-

And a few Spiranthes I found this evening that are ready to pop-
And last but not least, photos of some slipper blooms. This is sort of cheating though because I bought them either blooming or about to bloom-




Nope, I don't think so. That room is only 16 x 16 and although there is another set of double windows on the east wall, they are totally blocked by oaks from spring through to fall and even then some of them are red oaks and don't drop their leaves until the new growth pushes them out in spring. Very little light comes in those other windows but it is a bright location. About all I can grow there are hoyas. And then the other problem is that there is a tread mill, a stair master, some sort of an exercise bike, and one of those Ab-Doer Pro gut buster thing in there that my husband swore up and down he'd really use. Forgot to add the stand for the tv and vcr so he could watch the Ab-Doer video they sent with his purchase on how to remove 3" from his waistline in under 30 days.

The other room that I am growing orchids in is actually a master bathroom. What you are seeing is the upper deck to a whirlpool tub. Because of the angle of the sun, plants grown on the left side of the tub receive nothing but very bright indirect light. Plants grown on the right side of the tub get some direct light but not all that much. The light is unobstructed though and the room is painted white with white tile and has very high ceilings. The other thing you aren't seeing from those photos is that there is a large half round decorative window over the top of a double set of windows dirctly over the tub and there are double vanities in that room with something like 6' x 6' mirrors behind them that bounce light everywhere. That's actually a great room to grow plants because we've got a steamer shower in there and he uses it every morning so that helps with the humidity a little bit.

Basement has small round K-Mart kiddie pools that have metal halides suspended over them with oscillating fans trained over the grow areas. This is where I germinate carnivorous plants. No other plants will be in the same area as my babies.

Sunroom is only for Pinguicula and I won't mix in any other plants there either. Nepenthes, for the most part, are in separate areas. That leaves the greenhouse and that's only for my Sarracenia so I can maintain the temps exactly where I want them for their dormancy.

I really am at capacity once I get the last of the plants I ordered delivered and fill up the few remaining spots in my Wardian cases... unless I can grow newly purchased plants outside year round or hang some species of orchid from the ceiling inside the house and even then, all that's left is bright indirect lighting. I'm afraid I'm tapped out of grow space and a second greenhouse is out of the question- no where to put it without ramming it in somewhere odd.

Editing to add that I have quite a few potted patio type plants outside that all get brought into either the greenhouse or the house for the winter. Best guess, about 25 patio pots. That's a lot of floor space needed to over winter those every year.
You are one dedicated grower! Will you be moving your paphs and phrags into your greenhouse? It must take you quite some time to water without making a mess!
No, I won't be moving paphs or phrags into the greenhouse. I'm sort of afraid of those right now and I haven't had them all that long. Temps will only be maintained at 40F until February when I will kick it up to 50F and then the next month after that I'll kick it up again.

Don't get overly impressed. The only plants I water myself are the indoor plants and the acaule in that raised bed I just created. Well, I do water plants I just stuck in the ground until they are established. I cheat on the watering- drip watering systems help. And, I will be creating some sort of an automatic tray watering system sometime next year using floats so that I don't need to fill trays any longer.

Some potted patio plants will go out there, 10 days after they get a nice Orthene drench that I flush so I can re-drench. I don't care if I lose those plants but I don't want to unintentionally introduce anything to that greenhouse.
You are one dedicated grower! Will you be moving your paphs and phrags into your greenhouse? It must take you quite some time to water without making a mess!

Lauren is accustomed to care for plants in MANY different areas!!! She has plants EVERYWHERE - inside & out! I couldn't quite imagine anyone having a GH just for CP's ....... until I saw her collection! OMG!!