Gastrochilus japonicus

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For a one growth miniature, these really put on a show. I think I counted ten blooms on one spike, and seven on the other. The blooms are about the size of a pencil eraser.

I want one. John know of anywhere that sells these little guys potted? Most of the places I've searched only has them mounted.
Marco, I think when I bought some of these from Oak Hill, they came in a pot. But my memory is hazy about that. You can always buy a mounted plant and convert it to pot culture. Just repot it when you get it. I have done that. It's not much different than switching from bark mix to s/h.
I give mine in between 1000, and 2000 footcandles. Closer to 1000. More than phal light, less than paph. : )

That was helpful, wasn't it?
Oh, brings back memories.I had one years ago but it died along the way.It always bloomed nicely.I think I should look for another now.:D