Gary Romagna, competitor of Sky Roths

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Jun 10, 2006
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Here we have Paph. Gary Romagna 'Golden Star' SM/TPS. The dorsal is 7.4cm from what I know.

Again, not easy to tell it apart from a rothschildianum. This photo is roaming the internet, no idea who is the original owner, but on Facebook and internet that exact picture is used in many posts, including commercial offers. Gary Romagna, of course, but as well Roth DS 7.6, and roths SM/TPS.

gary romagna.jpg
Your right Roth, this Gary Romagna is very difficult to tell from a roth, the St Swithin yellow (philipinense) has not dominated in this plant, I can see your point with breeding Sky Roths ect, another generation of breeding with this plant on to a roth ect could really muddy the waters.

by far the best GR Ive seen
There are a couple more of it in Taiwan, Shen Liu showed a much yellower one that was equally good...

I suspect too that Gary Romagna were not done with the best parents in the early days... It is possible as well that roth was the pod parent here..

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