full sun, bright windows?

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Jul 10, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario.
i'm in toronto and i have a due south window and i have all my orchids lined up against it with the blinds down and open. full morning sun and little direct afternoon sun.

but wats really the difference between full sun and "bright window"? how can a sun loving plant get full sun and not get sunburn? is it mainly the heat and not the actually light itself or wat?
I think "full sun" usually refers to the time of the day when the sun is the brightest/hottest, approximately between 10 am and 3 pm. Unless shaded by trees, I'd consider an East or West window to be "bright."

Whether plant in full sun get sunburned or not may depend on several factors, among them being whether they are outside, whether (if inside) the glass has a uv coating, whether there is some shading provided by other plants, munton bars on the windows, screens (which cut down the amount of light by about 50%, etc... and of course the kind of plant.
I dont consider western exposure to be full sun because it generally gets sun afternoon to setting.
I guess I should have said, after the first sentence, that full sun would be South. That's why I said I'd consider East or West to be "bright."
hmm icic. well i had a neo that actually surprisingly sunburned on me, so moved it. the dend's getting a little on the lime colour side so i also moved him back just incase. the d.kingianum on the other hand seems to love it a lot but i've moved him back too, in fear that he'll sunburn too... so now i just leave the blinds in a the morning sun comes beaming in, and then about 11, it gets blocked out. seems like i've gotta still do a lot of experimenting