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lightly hirsute
Dec 27, 2006
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Somerville, NJ
Hi all! This is my first thread here at SlipperTalk. :rollhappy:

I am in the middle of repotting my phrag, and I came across something I've seen before, but now I have a place to ask....

What are these little dots? Fungus? Nothing to worry about? Alien poop?

My first thought is some kinda fungi, and really nothing to worry about. But If there some sort of step I should take before I take off the old medium and repot, I'd love to hear from all of you.

Thanks for your help!



PS - You arent drunk, I just have to zoom in so far that the camera always makes it blurry. sorry
The blur is from camera shake. If you are hand holding for close ups, it is almost inevitable. Try bracing it against something, or better -- use a tripod.

The white dots do look like a fungus to me.
Looks like fungus - but looks mostly related to the mix it is in.
Change the mix, wash the roots well and keep a watch on it. I wouldn't worry too too much about it at this point.

People need to distinguish between a fungus affecting leaves and a fungus that is on the mix (as in mushroom type) IMO. Your's looks like the latter to me.