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Desert Bordeaux huh? Very, very pretty! It has two inflorescences showing intensely colored flowers of fairly good form. Lots and lots of spots with that dark burgundy center in the lip.
My only observation is, notice the difference of the arrangement, spacing of the flowers, on each one. I wonder if that is due to light direction or was this just random? I really like the arrangement on that middle image! Very attractive.
That is a keeper.
I really enjoyed growing Catasetinae in Florida.
I noticed the difference in arrangement also. I will have to keep a closer eye on it next time because I am not sure what influenced that. The inforescences developed under lights at the same approximate time, and the plant was mostly undisturbed during their development. Lighting should not be a major factor but it is always possible. However there is a similar pattern on my After Dark's inforescences. So... maybe it's unevenness in the lighting.
It might be hard to put ones finger on a reason.
I noticed too that the flower counts are similar Darlene. From the side, the inflorescence on the left seems to have poorer or a more open arrangement and yet at first glance, the inflorescence on the right looks shorter and over crowded. On further inspection the length really appears to be pretty much the same.
I am wondering if it is just a totally random, freaky thing OR is it by chance a culture thing? I have no idea but I use to grow these in Florida in straight sphagnum with slow release 20-20-20 Dynamite. With the way these roots can inter twine, I would wonder to myself, did that inflorescence some how get a bit more in the way of water and nutrients, or is this a result of a completely random event?
I think after about 15 minutes of thought I might settle on freaky event and just enjoy the beauty of the flowers.
It is either that or blame it on my “Judges Eye” that might make me notice these things? Now my brain would hurt so I would have a little bourbon on the rocks.
Just enjoyed a presentation on this genre of orchids two nights ago at my local society meeting! So cool how they flower while taking their winter rest!
I grew a ton of Catasetinae during my 9 years in Florida. The best I did was to get one hybrid to bloom on 9 different inflorescences. Just as one inflorescence would open all its blossoms, another inflorescence would start. Sometimes 2.

In my experience, Clowesias flowered during a rest period. But that Catasetum hybrid started blooming in mid May and finished in late September.

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