Fred Clarke speaking in eastern North Carolina

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Oct 28, 2010
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Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids, while be speaking at the 4 Orchid Societies in eastern North Carolina. Greensboro, Aug 13; Raleigh, Aug 14; Sandhills OS, Fayetteville Aug 15 and Cape Fear Orchid Society, Wilmington, NC Aug 16th.

If you can get to a meeting, he is taking pre-orders, 10% discount and will bring the plants so no shipping. Check out his website:

To make a pre-order email Fred at: [email protected]

He also sent me an updated Paph list I tried to attach but failed. It's a docx file vs doc ?

If interested email me at [email protected] and I'll fwd it. Four new multifloral crosses not yet on web site.

Tell him Charlie sent you :)

Charlie Barrett
Wilmington, NC
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That will be a good time. I always enjoy his talks. He's coming to St. Louis in October, hope and pray I can make it. Friday the 13th in October none the less!