EYOF delAssendroi hybrids

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Sep 14, 2006
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I only have one but I think the color variations are worth exploring. Does anyone have a source for EYOF delAssendroi hybrids? I'm not beyond begging. E. (See Below)


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Marco, Hi. The Eric Young Orchid Foundation (in England) is kind of the Oz of orchid hybridizing labs. They are responsible for some of the most exciting bessea crosses and now have evidently begun working their magic w/ delAssendroi. If you check out Phragweb you can look up hybrid crosses and see who registered them. Unfortunately EYOF has something like a $500 minimum and doesn't post pictures of their crosses. I was able to get one when Paul Phillips [formerly Ratcliffe Orchids] rec'd some from the UK. The only place I've had a tougher time getting plants from is Orchid Zone in CA. but I dont think the owner [Terry Root] make crosses as innovative as EYOF, he just breeds plant better than most. When it comes to Phrags, in my opinion, the other top hybridizers are Ackers, Orchids Ltd, Piping Rock and H.P. Norton. If your willing to grow plants from flask [too small for me] check out Ackers. E.
Eric - Thanks for the info. Didn't see this post. When I open the forum at work I only look at photo threads. Then it marks everything else as old threads.

Sorry Marco, I didn't see this. I collect artists. Jack [the King] Kirby, Berni [Swamp thing] Wrightson, Richard Corben, Masumane Shiro, etc. Yes I have a number of old Fantastic Four, X-men, etc. comics. I dont have the time to invest more right now as I'm growing orchids and collecting model train stuff [See my layout at TMRCI.Com, N-Scale].