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Sep 5, 2021
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NE Victoria, Aus
Hello Everyone,
I am flying to Taiwan in February and I was thinking of buying some flasks of Phrags from Ecuagenera, has anyone here purchased any flasks from them and what is your experience as far as the surviving rate, strength, vigorousness and flower quality goes? Appreciate every comment. Thanks
I have never purchased flasks from them at all. I think that quite a few people have been pleased with them as a vendor. I have shopped at their booth at a show only a couple of times. I will never buy from them again.
Twice I had most of what I purchased die over time. Some right away, most within a year. I thought it was my culture but for those who died quickly they had very few, if any roots. It very well could be my poor culture so just be advised. I have not bought anything since they opened a facility here in the states.
Do not let me sway you but I replied honestly to your question.
I bought several and had them delivered to a show. The plants were extremely small. The flasks were shaken pretty bad. I had to deflask everything immediately. Nothing survived. I have purchased over 100 flasks in the last three years. I have lost almost none.

I get all my phrag flasks from Chuck Acker. They grow great and the quality of the flowers are great.

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