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Rootless Wonder
Jun 23, 2006
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The Great State of North Carolina
Hey Guys, it is I Tadd. Hope all is well in your worlds, mine is just dandy. I grow almost exclusively paphs. I focus mostly on fairrieanum and its hybrids. I have recently enjoyed a few neofinietias, and mounting projects. Not sure why, maybe it was my trip to mounting heaven at Andy's Orchids in Encinitas Ca. It was fantabulous. My wife and I are expecting our first child in early October, but other than that if you have any questions or concerns don't be afraid to ask, I am hard to embarass, and quite obnoxious at times. Ask Heather :evil:
Peace for now!
Thanks Guys!(That means gals too....)
It took me so long because....
Broken computer. Our hard drive was destroyed. Less than a year old. It must have been all the adult fairrieanum sites I was on! :)