Dendrochilum magnum

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
My magnum is just comming ito bloom. With only one inflorescence partially open it is still highly fragrant

Dendrochilum is a warm to intermediate growing genus distributed widely from Burma and Sumatra to New Guinea.

Plants can be mounted but seem to prefer smallish pots as they prefer to be potbound and do not care for being disturbed during repotting. While in active growth, they like abundant water with less after reaching maturity. Dendrochilum magnum is the largest of the genus. The chain of flowers is close to a foot long.


Looks good. I have one with 6 new growths. No signs of spikes emerging yet. Cant wait for it to bloom.
as you can tell from the photo, the new growths are small when the spikes arise from them.

I was comparing the relative size of our plants and the new growths are close. Hopefully i will see a spike emerge soon. How often have you seen just new leaves form with no blooms?
so far this has bloomed on each new growth. I have seven new growths each with an inflorescences. If the light hasn't been bright enough or culture poor or if it is a non mature seedling than I am sure it can grow without blooming.

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