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Custom Desktop Computer

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Jun 7, 2006
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I'm selling my baby so that I can buy a laptop that would be more portable. I figure its better to offer it up here since I hate selling on ebay and would rather it go to a good home. Anyways, its a custom built desktop with serious power and speed.
Thermaltake Xaser case - blue aluminum
AMD 64bit processor
Asus A8V Deluxe mother board
built in wifi transmitter
Dual western digital 10000 rpm 74gb hard drives in a raid 0 array
ATI 256mb radeon video card
Sound Blaster Live sound card
Gigabit lan card
17 inch xerox lcd monitor
plus lots more.
seriously interested people only, please. I have over $3000 invested in this thing and I'm asking less than half that.
Nice Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives! What processor is on the system and how much RAM is on the board? Is it setup for dual channel memory mode?

Bolero said:
That was quick for old technology!!!!


old technology my ass!!! that comp will run circles around most brand new ones. so there.....