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Rob Zuiderwijk
Jun 25, 2006
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The Netherlands
Hi everyone,

I won't bother you all with the details about the who, the how and the why but I'm forced to move the PhragWeb domain. The problem is that I have been on a very short notice about the situation. Well to make a long story not unnecessarily longer: PhragWeb is temporarily unavailable :( . However for those who cannot live without it :wink: , I have for the moment setup my personal domain/website to contain PhragWeb. So to visit PhragWeb go for the time being to
Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope that the original domain is up and running very soon.

All the best,

Sorry to hear that Rob. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help... I have plenty of extra webspace :)

- Matthew Gore
Thanks Rob. You will not believe how many time I have tried to find your web site. I really missed it. Glad I can find it if necessary. Thanks
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the kind responses.
Moving the website and the domainname is in progress as we 'speak'. I hope that I can get the administrative side of things in order asap, so that PhragWeb is available again by means of its normal address.

So please bare with me.

All the best,